Building Masjid

Help us to build masjid throught the country

Build a mosque, Let the hope continues!

Masjid (the Mosque) is considered to be the community centre for Muslims. It represents the heart of the Muslim family and community, It provides a place for its worshippers to pray and contemplate as well as being a hub for educational programmes and other, social ceremonies are held in mosques. In Al-Aounu Charitable Foundation , we make sure to fund the construction of mosques all around the Gambia. Donate and give sadaqah to the Mosque Building Fund!
Important of Building Masjid 
The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:
“Whoever builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.”  Sahih Al-Bukhari

To propose your project

Contact us if you want to tell us about your personal project we can help you and guide you in this realization
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